Autonomic Nervous System Analysis

  1. What is Nerve-Express?

  2. The Key Advantage

  3. Heart Rate Variability Analysis

  4. Recognition of the ANS States

  5. Physiological Interpretation of ANS Categories

  6. Method of Evaluation of the State of ANS using the Nerve-Express

  7. Potential Applications

  8. The Nerve-Express Test

  9. Technical Guide to the System's Output

  10. System Specifications


What is Nerve-Express?

Nerve Express is an automatic computer based system that provides a Quantitative Assessment of the state of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Before the development of Nerve Express Autonomic Tone (the overall, qualitative state of the ANS) could be assessed only approximately and formulated by three qualitative gradients:

  • Autonomic Balance (Vegetative Homeostasis)

  • Sympathetic Prevalence

  • Parasympathetic Prevalence

Traditionally the criteria used for evaluating these three gradients were clinical and laboratory findings Assessment of the Autonomic Tone was thus labour intensive and not always feasible.

Nerve-Express solves this problem through a new approach to the recognition and classification of the states of the ANS - analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). In addition, Nerve-Express's expanded and reproducible capacity of HRV analysis allows for precise recognition and classification of forty-nine states of the ANS with a corresponding qualitative description for each one

Nerve-Express uses technology that has been extensively researched for over twenty years. However, until the development of the Nerve-Express system, there was no practical way to use this technology outside of a research laboratory, due to the fact that automatic reproducibility proved impossible using any other existing HRV analysis system today.

Nerve-Express provides not only a mathematical interpretation of HRV spectral analysis, but also performs a qualitative analysis of the resultant parameters based on principles of artificial intelligence

The algorithms used in Nerve-Express were developed in 1987. and were researched and tested on over fourteen thousand patients. The Nerve-Express test, called the Orthostatic Test, is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes to administer and allows ANS assessment using a very easy, acceptable, and predicable means of the ANS provocation .

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The Key Advantage

.The key advantage is the method's ability to detect the early signs of development of pathological processes or the presence of a functional disorder, which may not be revealed by the procedures of an ordinary physical examination. Thus, Nerve-Express becomes an objective tool for early physician's intervention independent of the patientís reports of his or her own condition

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