Recognition of the ANS States

Nerve-Express automatically recognizes sixty states of the ANS that represent different combinations of relationship between levels of SNS and PSNS activities and variations in their balance. Nerve-Express then graphs the Parasympathetic activity on the horizontal or x-axis and the Sympathetic activity on the vertical or y-axis. The intersection point of the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic systems is the point of autonomic balance (fig.3).

To the right of and above this balance point, Nerve-Express displays an area of increased Parasympathetic and Sympathetic activities in 4 gradations. Decreases in PSNS and SNS activities are shown to the left and below the balance point. Each of the 60 states of the ANS is subdivided into eight categories:

Category 1: 
PSNS prevalence with the average level of SNS activity is shown with 4 points:

  • Point 1 represents a slight PSNS prevalence
  • Point 2 represents a moderate PSNS prevalence
  • Point 3 represents a significant PSNS prevalence.
  • Point 4 represents a sharp PSNS prevalence.

Category 2: 
A simultaneous increase in both the PSNS and SNS activity with different relationships is shown with 16 points

Category 3: 
SNS prevalence is shown with 4 points

Category 4: 
A PSNS decrease with a SNS increase is shown with 16 points

Category 5: 
A PSNS decrease with the average level of SNS activity represented by 4 points

Category 6: 
A general decrease in both SNS and PSNS activities

Category 7: 
A point at zero value on the coordinate system indicates ANS balance

Category 8: 
SNS decrease with a PSNS increase is shown with 4 points

New Classification of the Autonomic Nervous System's Conditions
by Alexander Riftine, PhD

Fig.3 Eight groups of samples of wave "portraits" and eight groups of points that correspond to eight categories of the Autonomic Nervous System's conditions.

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