Customized for the Professional Practitioner

MSAS-Professional Features

  • The MSAS-Professional runs sophisticated software. This powerful Windows® based software application provides an unsurpassed level of technical sophistication to health care professionals.

  • View valuable reference information on many product remedies and nutritional supplements. With nearly 40,000 products in the database, there are many choices for the practitioner, which means more possibilities to better serve their patients.

  • The Auto Scan feature makes it quick and easy to find various supplement options. Supplement manufacturers provide information based on their products and the indications for which they may be used. The Auto Scan feature allows a practitioner to quickly find various products in the database,
    based on criteria they choose i.e. indications, manufacturer, or product type.

  • Create your own custom protocols to test specific conditions. Developing protocols for various screenings is critical to many practitioners, allowing them to determine the best way to test a patient and achieve reliable results for their needs. These protocols can be stored for use by the practitioner or their technicians.

  • Print clean, concise reports to give patients a profile of their results. The reporting structure is easy to read and understand, and can be a valuable tool for patients and practitioners to track progress.

  • The MSAS-Professional's probe is designed to assist in quickly locating meridian points. An audible indicator signals areas of highest conductivity, reducing the learning curve for finding the points. The probe design fits comfortably in your hand and the
    tip works well for patients of varying levels of skin sensitivities.

  • Aluminum case minimizes interference while being environmentally friendly. This sleek, rugged piece of equipment travels well, and fits in with your other professional medical devices. The fully shielded
    case minimizes interference from outside electronic equipment.

  • Integrated IMAG module. The IMAG unit snaps directly into the multi-port, with well engineered parts that make it easy to snap in and out safely.

  • Left and right probe and hand mass ports. The probe and hand mass can be plugged into either side of the unit. Testing a patient from either side is easy and convenient, without tangling wires.

  • Long-Lasting battery. The battery is a powerful, quick charging commercial model, and can be purchased at your local electronics store. A spare battery and charging unit are included.

Innovative Development
Many functional or energy medical devices are based on the research of Dr. Reinhold Voll who established that there is a network of energy channels called meridians, suffusing the body. Meridian points, some of which correlate to acupuncture points, can be used to collect energetic data. Different organs are associated with different energy meridians, and health problems in various organs are believed to manifest themselves as energetic disturbances in the associated meridians. Practitioners can suggest treatments to bring these energetic disturbances back into balance.

Meridian Stress Assessment
Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) is a well-known technology used in various healthcare practices to measure electrical characteristics at meridian points throughout the body.
Using advanced hardware and sophisticated software, a person's energy measurements can be recorded and assessed by a trained practitioner.

Powerful Technology For Today's Practitioners
The MSAS-Professional patient interface unit is the world's premier testing tool for measuring the body's conductivity along acupoints on the skin. Using the electronic probe, the MSAS-Professional reads the energetic value at the meridian points, and transmits that signal to the computer. The software creates a graphic display for practitioners to evaluate, and for patients to view, helping them better understand the energetic readings of their body. The practitioner can then access a database of more than 40,000 natural products that may be useful for balancing the patient's functional health.

The MSAS-Professional includes features that help practitioners to test their patients quickly and accurately, saving clinic time. The new probe allows a practitioner to advance through software fields without moving their hands off their patient - simply click the smart button on the probe to move through the software functions.

Performing MSA testing has never been so simple, or so comprehensive. Designed with the healthcare professional in mind, this robust product will be a valuable part of your practice.

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