Top 10 MSAS-Professional Hardware Features

1. State-of-the-art programmable logic circuitry.

The programmable logic circuitry (PLC) engineered into the new MSAS-Professional allows for lower voltage operation which increases battery life by 300%.  The circuitry is fully self-calibrating, yielding a consistent reading throughout the voltage range of the battery.  In addition, the PLC makes it possible to easily upgrade its functionality without the need to replace the circuit board in the device.  With the programmable logic circuitry found in the MSAS-Professional device, it is truly a state-of-the-art device unmatched in the EAV market place.

2. Industry-leading 3-year warranty on all electronic circuit boards.

Because it is designed with state-of-the-art circuitry, the MSAS-Professional is the only EAV device in the marketplace that carries a full 3-year warranty on its electronic components, which includes all six circuit boards within the device.  This is 300% the coverage of competitive devices.

3. State-of-the-art Computer Numeric Control (CNC) milled aluminum case.

The MSAS-Professional is enclosed in a lightweight durable aluminum case, which is precision milled to ensure a consistent polished look.  Aluminum acts as a shield to emissions - virtually eliminating sporadic signals resulting in more accurate & consistent readings.  The case was designed with a professional appearance to match other medical equipment found in the practitioners' office.

4. Modular IMAG technology in the MSAS unit.

The new modular design of the MSAS-Professional device integrates the Interactive Meridian Assessment Guide (IMAG) into the base unit, creating a more convenient and user-friendly one-piece device.  The IMAG module is a cylindrical unit that fits into the accessory dock compartment of the MSAS-Professional device.  The MSAS software controls the IMAG module directly.

5. Fold out test plate with integrated power switch/ lid acts as test plate.

The Professional device is automatically powered up when the test plate is opened and resting on the tabletop.  By integrating the power switch into the foldout test plate, the practitioner only uses battery power while testing with the device, thus conserving battery life.  It also prevents the unit from accidentally being powered on while transporting.   For larger substance containers, the practitioner can use the devices' lid as an additional test plate (over 60 square inches).

6. Standardized off-the-shelf battery.

The battery powering the MSAS-Professional is a standard off-the-shelf camcorder battery which is easily found at any electronics store. This allows for ready and inexpensive replacement of a faulty or damaged battery.  In continuous operation, the standard battery will operate for over 12 hours while an extended-life battery delivers nearly twice that time.

7. Sleep mode.

The Professional device goes into sleep mode if it is dormant for 15 minutes.  This feature is designed to prevent accidental battery drainage from leaving the unit powered on.  To restart the device from its sleep mode, simply close and re-open the test plate. 

8. AcuPoint II probe with built-in point finder.

The MSAS-Professional ships with two probes: the basic probe and the AcuPoint II probe.  By using sound feedback, the AcuPoint II probe is designed to help new testers quickly locate acupoints.

9. Fully enclosed storage area.

A fully enclosed storage area under the lid of the MSAS-Professional is convenient for storing the battery, probe, and handmass.  The storage area has two foam interchangeable cradles accommodating both the handmass and probe.

10. Probe and Handmass plugs on both right and left sides.

The Professional offers a choice when attaching the probe and handmass to the unit.  Each attachment can be plugged into the ports on either side of the device, thus contributing to an ergonomic testing environment.  The plugs are clearly labeled and color-coded - red for the probe, and gray for the handmass.

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